Linguistic Development

To foster a love for reading and writing and ignite growth in linguistics children experience a wide range of childrens literature, journaling, language experience and word play. Children have easy access to a wide variety of writing materials including large paper, letter, word & picture cards, board books, a children’s picture dictionary, markers, colored pencils, […]

Logical/Mathematical Development

Early number development focuses on strategies like counting or tagging and counting on; and big mathematical ideas like one-to one correspondence, cardinality (the idea that a number corresponds to an amount), hierarchical inclusion (the idea that numbers build exactly one at a time and nest within each others by this amount) , compensation and whole […]

Kinesthetic Development

Early childhood physical education includes movement through play, dance, athletic activities, drama, and building (Catches and throws balls, skips, rides bike, jumps, runs, balance beam, flexibility etc…). Lessons focus on two components: Health Related Fitness (Cardiovascular stamina, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition) and Skill Related Fitness (Coordination, Balance, Dexterity, Power, Speed and […]

Scientific Exploration

Space, Dinosaurs, Insects, Human Body, Senses, Experiments (Air, Atoms, Buoyancy, Atmosphere, Chemical reactions etc…)

Musical Development

Musikgarten curriculum is utilized; however, additional music education is incorporated into music education. Students explore pitch, rhythm patterns, performance, composition , tonal patterns, instruments etc.

Emotional and Spiritual Development

Intrapersonal Development: Relationship with Self; Interpersonal Development: Relationships with God and People; Team building, Leadership development; and peer relationships. An Ecumenical Community: Weekly chapel lessons center around God’s love for us, bible stories and songs, prayer and care for one another.

Visual/Spatial Development

Artistic Mediums and Expressions (Paint, Chalk, Drawing, Sculpting, Drama etc…)