Musical Development

Musikgarten curriculum is utilized; however, additional music education is incorporated into music education. Students explore pitch, rhythm patterns, performance, composition , tonal patterns, instruments etc…

Brain Fact: Music development begins in the right temporal lobe of the brain. “Musical intelligence begins while still in utero as baby is exposed to the mother’s heartbeat and it is the last ’smart’ we loose before we die. Play… the foundation that supports the house of higher learning-Murphy
Musical Development Fact: Research shows when music, movement and language are integrated, the benefits are incalculable both intellectually and psychologically. Music, not only has a link to future mathematic and language development , but also enhances creativity, gross motor and social interactions.

Musikgarten– God’s Children Sign– Heyge
“Music Appreciation: A universal language for all”
– National Association for the Education of the Young

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