Emotional and Spiritual Development

  • Intrapersonal Development: Relationship with Self; Emotional development (child feels valued & secure, develop self esteem,
    sense of purpose, positive future, self starter, self-directed)
  • Interpersonal Development: Relationships with God and People; Team building, Leadership development; and peer
  • An Ecumenical Community: Weekly chapel lessons center around God’s love for us, bible stories and songs, prayer and care
    for one another. Celebrating the seasons of the church, especially Christmas and Easter are especially special. We believe
    each child is a gift from God and beloved by God; All are welcome!
Brain Fact: Development in the crucial area begins in the right frontal lobes, the limbic system, temporal lobes and parietal lobes. Formation of this area of development is critical during the first three years of life.
Emotional Intelligence Fact: “As children grow ever smarter in IQ, their emotional intelligence is on the decline. The most telling signs of this are seen in the rising rates among young people of problems such as despair, alienation, drug abuse, crime and violence, depression etc…” Declining emotional intelligence is not only affecting our children, it permeates the work place. Emotional intelligence accounts foe between 75% and 90% of success in the work place. While cognitive skills get a person in the door; emotional intelligence predicts success. Only 7% of problems in the work place are due to cognitive performance issues. We must teach our children how to play well with others. Working With Emotional Intelligence— Goleman
Please Note: The template for our curriculum strands is adapted from Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence.
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