4 Red dragonflies

Red Dragonflies week of 3/14

Hello Red Dragonfly Families,

      In the coming week we are going to be working on weather, what happens in spring time, and Easter. For the month of March your children have been charting the weather each day, we have had a lot of sunny days so far! We learned about how rainbows are made yesterday and today we made our own rainbows with bingo dots. We have done a lot of fun things with science, which have included seeing how rain falls from the clouds, and even watching a fun video about what “In like a lion, and out like a lamb” means for the month of March. We have also talked about clothing items you wear for different types of weather. Our classroom ceiling is decorated with colorful wind socks the students made, by using liquid water color and straws.
      Spring break camp the week of March 21- 25, sign up is in the lobby on the white board. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and that you get to enjoy the beautiful weather we are suppose to have.
Thank you!
The Red Dragonfly Team
Ms. Cathy and Ms. Cassi
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