4 Red dragonflies

Red Dragonflies Week of 2/1

Hello red dragonfly families,

The past couple of weeks have been fun in our classroom. We learned about different arctic animals and also how birds stay warm in the winter. Starting next week we have a big celebration happening, Wednesday February 3rd is the 100th day of school! can you believe it we only have a few months left of the school year. Starting Monday we are going to begin preparing for the 100th day with some fun activities. Ms. Cathy and Ms. Cassi sent home a fun homework assignment for your children to collect hundred things to bring in and share.We are going to be making special necklaces and having a full three days of everything has to do with getting to 100. We are going to be practicing by tens, and counting how many steps it takes to get around the building, building with 100 legos and cups. One big thing as well on the 100th day we will be a having a pizza party at lunch so you do not need to send a lunch that day. There will also be gluten free pizza available for those who need it. Also don’t forget to bring in your canned goods for the 100 day can drive we are having, the box is located outside our classroom.
Valentines day is approaching and we plan to celebrate on Thursday 11th, and Friday the 12th. We ask that the kids sign their valentines but to not address them to specific people, there are 14 children in our classroom and we will be decorating their valentines day bags in class.
Next Friday is the ORANGE Friday! the Broncos made it to the 50th Superbowl this year! Have your kids come wearing their bronco gear or the colors if they would like we all know Ms. Cassi and Ms. Cathy will be sporting all her bronco attire so join in on the fun!
Please don’t forget to send in an extra set of clothes for your child, you may leave it in a zip lock bag here at school. Also if you have any extra clothes that you would like to donate, sizes 4t and up it would be appreciated. Speaking of donating, our Gem store is running low on inventory so if you have anything you would like to donate to our store it would be appreciated as well.
Thank you!
Ms. Cathy and Ms. Cassi
Red Dragonfly team
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