Purple dragonflies

Purple Dragonflies week of 2/1

Hello All!

It looks like Winter has come back to Colorado.  I hope you all are prepared for snow again after the beautiful “Springlike” weather we have enjoyed the past week!  A little reminder to send your children with INSIDE SHOES when there’s snow outside… This makes for a much more comfortable day for them, not having to sit on wet bulky boots.  Thank you!!
Now, onto the business of information… AND there’s a lot of it!!
This week we celebrate our 100th day of school (still on the calendar officially for WED barring any snow daysEmoji) We have several activities planned — a few you have already heard of through email, and things sent home in cubbies:
  • 100 Item Trail Mix (Baggies sent home) — 100 Nut-Free Food items; Tues/Wed
  • 100 Items (Baggies also sent home attached to paper) — count and bring in to share with class 100 things that you’ll get to bring back home  — Tues/Wed
  • Pizza Day/Celebration — Wednesday (no need to bring a lunch) If you’d like to bring some veggies/fruit to add to the Pizza that would be great

Once we’re done with our 100th Day Celebrating, we are going to start our next unit, which will be an Author Study on Laura Numeroff.  I know you are all familiar with some of her books already; If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Moose a Muffin, Pig a Pancake…  But, she has many, many more books as well.  We will be introducing the children to these stories and are planning a variety of activities throughout the classroom to extend their learning both of her and her writing, as well as their creativity and developmental learning areas.  Our hope is that by the end of the 2 weeks, your children will want to go to the Library and check out some of her books and will be able to ask for her as an author by name.  

One last bit of information… Valentine’s Day is coming up in just 2 short weeks.  If your child would want to share Valentines with their friends in class, we ask that they bring in 25 UNADDRESSED but SIGNED Valentines (this is how many total children we have in our class).  There will be a big Valentine Box available to collect your Valentines beginning Mon, 2/8. We will have the children decorate bags in class and then they will pass out their Valentines to their friends on Thursday and Friday.  We will also be doing a variety of fun Valentine related activities on these two days. 
I know this newsletter has a lot of information… but don’t forget to check out the attached Curriculum Web for some specifics on the activities planned.  
Oh and GO BRONCOS… Friday will of course be BRONCO DAYWear your ORANGE AND BLUE!!    
Hopefully we’ll all have a safe drive in to school in the morning.  
Denise & Beatriz

Pre-K Teachers, Purple Dragonflies
Holy Trinity Preschool
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