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Purple Dragonflies week of 1/5

Happy 2016 Purple Dragonfly Families!

It certainly came upon us quickly.  I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday with your families and had some time to relax a bit as well.  We’re very excited to start the new semester with fun and new things in class.
As we begin 2016, we will start with a 3-week unit on Winter, which will also include discussions on kindness and respect as we talk about Martin Luther King, Jr. in the middle of the month.  One of the winter stories we will be covering is Snowballs by Lois Ehlert.  It is a wonderful story that gives the children a chance to create their own snowmen at various stages of melting, using items collected from scraps. 
As you’re clearing some things away, I’d like to list off some of the items in the book that are used  that we would like to have available for the children to pick from.  If you have any of these things at home and would like to start sending them in, we’d love to collect them.  This is a very fun activity and the more we have to choose from the better.  Look at the bottom of this email for the list of the items.
Also included is the Curriculum Web for this upcoming Unit.  I have attached two versions — a word doc and a pdf version.  Hopefully that works for everyone’s various devices ;-). 
We will start off the week refreshing memories on being back at school and how great it is to be back with all our friends, remembering how to be a good friend, being safe, kind and respectful.  Keep in mind that having a couple of weeks off always means another transition back to school and getting back to routines — both here and at home.  We will be there to help make it a smooth one for you and the children as well.
We look forward to seeing you and the children Tuesday (or Wed).  Remember, Monday is a Professional Day for us — we will be getting the classroom ready and be meeting together.  So there is no class.  Enjoy the rest of break.
Snowballs Snowmen Items:
nuts/bolts              men’s neckties           small sticks
screws                    old scarf pieces          pinecones (smaller)
ribbon                     buttons (flat)              doilies
fabric pieces          greenery                      lace

Denise & Beatriz

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